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Sign Holder W/Neck
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Sell Sign Holder W/Neck

Specification of Sign Holder W/Neck

Size 16 cm (With Neck)

Color: clear

* Colors and sizes can be adjusted to requests from consumers

We Sell All Supermarket Needs, Ranging From Supermarket Shelves (Gondola), Clearance Shelves, Warehouse Shelves, Supermarket Trolleys, Price Labels (VH, DBR, LST, SOI, PHL, IP, SOIC), Sign Holder, Basket, Pusher, SGKLG, Anti Slip, Queue Pole And Other Supermarket Equipment.

For more information, please contact the number below:

0878-7872-5500 (Whatsapp)


0838-8991-828 (Whatsapp)

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